Taking Your Pram All Terrain

Today I wanted to talk about taking your pram all terrain. Now I don’t mean pushing it through sand dunes or anything crazy. Let’s keep it real. Sometimes a simple walk at the park can be difficult with the wrong pram. Heavy four wheeled prams can limit your options for outdoor activities and who wants that.

Thankfully, its 2014 and we have come a long way. One of the better leaps in technology for prams has been this little beauty -

Valco Tri Pram

Valco Tri Pram







The three wheel pram. Heaven. Notice the large wheels which mean you can take the pram on most terrains no problem. Now the pram pictured in a Valco Tri Pram which actually has air filled tyres which provides suspension ensuring bubs has a smooth ride.

Weight is another plus with this one. It’s super light. No one needs to be pushing heavy prams these days, especially with options like the Valco readily available and affordable.

Jogging is made so much easier with these types of prams. Gone are the days of trying to job with a heavy and cumbersome pram. Having to choose your route carefully to avoid rough surfaces and bundling the kids in blankets so they didnt get jostled around to much. Sounds hideously difficult and unnecessary. Like running with a shopping cart.

Now days, many a mum and bub can be seen jogging around neighborhoods all over the world thanks to the three wheel prams.

Jogging isn’t the only benefit an all terrain pram offers. Even a walk to the local park in made easier. Ever tried to wheel a pram on thick grass? It’s not easy.

A friend of mine runs a candle making business and often has a stall at our local markets. (Click here to check out some great ideas on how to run a market stall)







Once a month hoards of people descend on our local park looking for something they just cant get at the mall. There is a lot of cool stuff there but I am getting off topic! The point is that the markets are held on a big grassed area which must be a nightmare for people with four wheeled prams. No thanks.

Market days, sports events, dirt walking tracks in national parks. None of these needs to be off limits to your and your bub. As long as you choose the right pram for the terrain. Now the Valco is a good start but there are literally hundreds of options out there. Have a think about what type of surfaces you spend time walking on and consider that carefully when choosing your pram.


Prams, Babies and Dogs – Do They Mix?

Picture this.

A sunny day, birds are signing. You are pushing your pram with you new baby in a nearby park. Your dog is walking obediently beside you on his lead.

All is right in the world.

Or not.

Sometimes the reality is not quite as pretty. Sometimes the baby is crying, the wind is up and your dog is barking or pulling on his lead. Not the relaxing walk you were hoping for.


Well, we cant do much about the weather. And we cant help with your crying baby. We do have a few suggestions on how you and your dog can walk together calmly.

Sometimes prams and dogs just dont mix. If you have a really big dog that likes to pull on the lead or rush off after anything that moves, then you have a problem. It isn’t safe for you or your baby. Some dogs like to bark at everything. Trees, leaves, birds, kids, bikes, cars, people. Sound familiar?

Rather than leave the dog at home, where he/she will get bored and mischievous, lets work on some solutions.

Now, the barking isn’t really a safety issue. But it sure is annoying. Yap, yap, yap…..

There are a few things you can do to stop dogs barking. There are training programs you can purchase online to help train your dog not to bark. You can use positive reinforcement. You can also look at purchasing a bark collar or ecollar, please make sure you do the research on how to use these properly.

Some breeds of dogs are more alert and reactive to outside stimulation than others and this causes the barking. In this case its really important to consider if your dog is actually enjoying the walks or is it getting stressed out? In that instance it might be better to leave pooch at home.

Leash pulling and other bad behavior is generally fixable with some training. There are so many different options out there. You can choose to train with positive reinforcement, clicker training, remote collar training, hire a dog trainer to come to your home. Do some research and pick one that is right for you and your dog.

It may take a few weeks or months and some hard work. But wont it be worth it when you, your baby, the pram and your dog are all walking in harmony.

The dream of walking through the park as one big happy family can be a reality.